Did you know?


Did you know…

  • I’m also the Director of the global non-profit, Hexagon UX. We’re going through a rebrand and restructure for a 2025 launch.
  • I was born AuDHD, but only recently received my diagnosis. I wonder why that is.
  • I’ve worked a part-time retail job for over 10 years because I actually enjoy it and use those skills to inform my design process.
  • I have a survivable knowledge of HTML & CSS because I originally thought about being a front-end developer (back then, what I thought a web designer was).
  • I built this site using no-code (technically light coding): Notion & Super to be specific.
  • I consume an unhealthy amount of useless information, but am absolutely terrible at trivia.
  • My current hyper-focus topic of interest is: The Ethics of A(G)I
  • I have a near obsessive attention to detail in projects. If I stop caring, know that I’ve given up to protect my mental health.
  • My endgame is to retire (with tenure, ofc) as a professor in academia with a PhD in some sort of HCI/Civic Tech related degree.
  • I’m from the Detroit area and I can’t believe I made it 5 pages without mentioning it. Chicago is truly my second city though.

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