My Legacy


My anxiety is chronic, but these skills are iconic.

You’ve been searching for a unicorn. They’ve told you they don’t exist. You’re looking for someone who can handle their own, keep up with the pace, and step in when the going gets tough. It’s the 11th inning every day, bases loaded, and you’re down by 1. You need your pinch hitter to come in, take us home, and do it all over again tomorrow.

I’m everything you’ve been looking for, and I’ve been right in front of you all along.

They say good design is invisible: same goes for good designers.


I find process in a process-less place.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just as I found my way to UX, I also embody many principles of good design operations in my standard work process. Because of that, it’s very common that I come to inefficient teams and always leave them better than I found them, whether a full-time worker or contract. Some examples of this include:

  • After joining a pharmaceutical marketing agency as a UX Manager, I immediately recommended to the EVP of the creative department to merge the UX department into the Design department. This would not only streamline our collaborative process, but also expand the Design department capabilities and introduce a more experience design mindset to the team. This change was implemented and rolled out 12 months after my first recommendation.
  • During a contract opportunity at an agency, I recognized that each project on a single team had a different document layout for annotations, based on the designer who was used. After a few rounds of testing with a client, I implemented an agency-wide annotation template that is still in use today.

It’s not just God that’s above me.

Listen, let’s be real: I know I can manage a team. I know I can lead and bring a project to launch, as well as anything else assigned to me. However, I am your best righthand woman. The wingman you always wish you had. I work at my best in environments where I have a strong manager to lead me, guide me, and mentor me as I grow, but also gives me the freedom and trusts me to lead my projects and clients to the finish line. Some projects that I’ve lead with minimal supervision:


Just call me another one of your Midwest mama bears.

A lot of people talk a big game about collaboration, but I live it. A designer is only as good as their teams, and if you aren’t regularly collaborating with everyone, how are you able to ensure prompt, clear and efficient delivery of product? Here’s my best memories of collaboration:

  • My work spouses have always been my project managers. By checking in with them regularly and keeping all project budgets and timelines top of mind, I’ve regularly been referred to as “their favorite designer.”
  • I’ve normally had to work as a lone wolf due to company structures, but when I’m on a team of multiple designers, I rarely engage in anything without another eye. My favorite designers to work with are younger, junior designers. My goal is to become a Craft Mentor as I climb the IC ladder, making sure I’m bringing up all my designers with me.

Need some mo(o)re?

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